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Sairam friends,

Sahasranama.in is expression of my understanding about Karmic connection. Ever since my child hood, I have seen my mother facing some kind of health issues and there are times when she has suffered to core due to pain. One of the reason I become so devoted to God is because of my Mother’s health issues which made me keep her in prayers always.

Decades later,When I was going through some problems in Life, My mother was not well and she developed some wounds in her mouth and said she feels burning sensation all her body. Past 3-4 month, she suddenly has such a problem but by sai grace its getting healed in few days. She takes medicine and also believes in Shirdi Sai baba. Once when she had stomach ache she asked me to bring some Kesari Prasad from Nagasai Mandhir.

In 15 years that I had been to Sai Baba temple, My parents never asked me to bring prasad from Sai Mandir. So i took little Kesari prasad for her. She had it and few days later told me.

“I felt Baba is telling me to have prasad so that my stomach ache will get cured. So I had it and now feel better”

( Devotees who read this can do any naivaidhya to Gods in your home or if you believe in Shirdi Saibaba, offer prasad , recite any sloka, mantra and have it as prasad to you and family members)

If you do good, You will be good:

I was inspired to create Sahasranama as I felt may be my Mother has wounds in her mouth as she might have spoken ill of anyone due to her anger in this or previous birth. I myself am a soft guy but when I get angry, I say words that are injuring to others heart. Very soon my Mother regrets for speaking harsh and I myself feel that I would have been calm.

Have you seen people who are really sweet sweet at speaking. Even when they get angry, they won’t show it out. I am not speaking about people who are really bad internally but simply speak good outwardly. There are very few people who speak good and soft and try to adjust even when they feel hurt.

Sahasranama is created to make people understand its truly an Art to Think and Speak good.

Always think good.

Every thought that arises in your heart or head must be pure, good and positive.

Always speak Good

When you think good of yourself and try to adjust any insults, pains or problems in life, you can only speak Good. Better speak good or be silent.

At times its good to show anger and your emotions but make sure you speak clean and good words alone.

Greatness of Sahasranama –

Sahasranama are the 1000 holy names in praise of Hindu Gods and Goddess. Some Sacred Saints are also praised by Sahasranama. When we listen to or recite these Sahasranamam of our favorite Gods and Goddess, the sins we have done will be washed away.

Further, The holy words of Sahasranama are so divine and sacred that when we listen and recite them, we will surely be blessed with good health, peace and prosperity in life.

When I was thinking about this concept and sitting in Dwarakamai of Saibaba temple, I saw a man coming to dhuni and in his T shirt it was written

“Every thing Happens for a Reason”

By Making me relate my Mothers health issues with Karma, May be Sai baba made me realize the importance of spreading the message that one must learn to speak soft and kind and also the greatness of Sahasranama.

I wish to list all the beautiful Sahasranama in this website courtesy of devotees who has uploaded them in various websites, youtube and also lyrics of these Sahasranama.

This is done for welfare of devotees and  the singers and respective Music producers has right to keep their creations commercial benefit. If any of the Mantra/Sloka/ Bhajans makes you feel must not be open for free, Kindly let me know, I shall delete them.Most of these Mantra are uploaded by other devotees.

Hope Sahasranama.in inspires devotees to understand the greatness of Sacred names of Gods,Goddess and saints.

Dedicating Sahasranama for my Amma.

Aum Namo Narayanaya


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