Sri Rama Sahasranamavali

Sairam friends,

Today is holy Rama Navami festival and hence I would like to post a link to recitation of 1008 holy names of Lord Rama.

“Sri Rama Sahasranamavali”

Kindly get books in near by temple or online and recite these sacred names of Lord Sri Ram.

Click here for video of Sri Ram Sahasranamavali

Thanks to devotees who do this service offering various divine songs. Since I myself can’t upload these divine songs, Am using simply to link you to various Gods/Goddess Sahasranama.

Sri Rama Sahasranama

Lets be blessed by Lord Rama and Sita devi by reciting Sri Rama Sahasranama

Wrote this article today

Lord Rama and Sita came home on holy Rama Navami

Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jaya Jaya Ram


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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Sahasranamam

Sairam friends,

I was writing a Article about Ahobilam as Lord Kirshna’s Janmastami happens to be during this week. After writing about Ahobilam, I was searching for any devotees of Lakshmi Narasimhar who would have wrote about Greatness of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Sahasranama.

I used to go to Lakshmi Narasimhar temple regularly and light lamps. I has done little seva in the temple by cleaning the lamps tray and felt its the gift of God.

Lakshmi Narasimha

Lakshmi Narasimha

I found the below Video in youtube courtesy of devotee, Kindly click on the link to listen to this beautiful 1008 sacred names of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha.

Note – Please make sure you keep your mind pure while worshiping Lakshmi Narasimha. I will be pleased to post any good experiences you had with Lakshmi Narasimhar devotion and also the lyrics of this sacred Lakshmi Narasimhar Sahasranama.

Thank You,


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Dattatreya Sahasranamam

Sairam friends,

I am very much happy to write about Lord Dattatreya on the holy Guru Purnima morning. My love for Dattatreya came from my stay in Mumbai in 2009 and even today in Nagasai mandhir of coimbatore, priests greet other devotees with the word “Sairam” but when they see me, they tell me with love “Datta”, “Datta Maharaj”

I have read the holy Dattatreya Sahasranamam in 2009 when I got a book from the shop in the Saibaba temple. I also lit many divine lamps in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba and Dattatreya and did this pooja.

dattatreya sahasranamam

Do Abishekam, Light lamps to Lord Dattatreya and listen to divine Dattatreya Sahasranamam

Please have a look at StarSai family’s Site dedicated to Dattatreya

Dattatreya Sahasranamam

Thanks the devotee who uploaded this Dattatreya Sahasranama in youtube

Devotees who love shirdi saibaba can also recite Sai Sahasranama

Sri sai Sahasranama Archana – 1000 blessings of shirdi saibaba

Ok friends

Sai Datta blessings

Jai Guru Datta, Shree Guru Datta

Kindly post lyrics of Dattatreya Sahasranamam if you have it or get it in near by temples

Sai ki JaiLove,


Guru Purnima, Offer your love in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba

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Shiva Sahasranama

Sairam friends,

My Father is my inspiration for worshiping Lord Shiva from my childhood. Every morning he does Abishekam for a Shiva Lingam in our house with water and regularly visits the near by Shiva temple called Virundheeswarar temple. In our colony itself they have built Vaidheeswaran temple with Goddess Thaiyalnayagi Amman and now a days my father and his friends are doing Seva in the temple most of their time.

In 2005, I used to regularly visit Shiva temples during pradosham and if its a Pradosham that comes on Saturday, its very auspicious. I have read in the sacred book of Saint Shri Padha Sri Vallabha that a devotee who worships Lord Shiva and Partvathi during evenings and especially during the evening of Pradosham that comes on Saturday, their sins will be washed away.

I truly feel very divine in my chest when I go to Shiva temples and also when I listen to his sacred Mantra.I shall show you a Photo I took of Lord Shiva in the form of Vaitheeswaran taken during Kumbabishekam of the temple.

shiva vaitheeswaran

Lord Shiva as Vaitheeswaran in Siddhi Vinayakar temple  – “God of healing” Prayers to Vaitheeswaran can cure diseases

I wish to show you the Photo of Goddess Parvathi. I just started from office and my father called up asking me to come to the Siddhi Vinayakar temple in our colony as they had decorated the Goddess and he wanted me to take Pictures. So I din’t go to Shirdi Saibaba temple as usual and directly went to take Photos of Goddess Thayyal Nayagi.

parvathi thaiyal nayagi

Goddess Parvathi in the form of Thaiyal Nayagi Amman giving darshan between the holy head of Nandhi

In 2009, when I went to Vaitheeswaran Temple near Chidambaram in Tamilnadu, I offered a garland to the Goddess. Before I went to this temple, the goddess came in my dream.

Shiva Sahasranama

Shiva Sahasranamam is the sacred thousands names of Lord Shiva.  I have immense respect on a devotee Mr.Ramachander who does seva by translating various Hindu Mantra and Sloka. I shall post a link to his complete translation of Shiva Sahasranama as below. Please check link.

Shiva Sahasranamam – Thousand names of Lord Shiva from Mahabaratha

Translation and transliteration By P.R.Ramachander

There are two versions of Shiva sahasranama-one in lInga Purana (Being taught by Lord Krishna to sage Markandeya) and the other which occurs in Anushasanika Parva of Mahabaratha.

In the Mahabaratha version (which I am giving here) Yudishtra after hearing the Vishnu Sahasranama from Bheeshma requests him also to teach the thousand names of Lord Shiva. Bheeshma expresses his inability to the same and requests Lord Krishna to teach it to Yudishtra. Then Lord Krishna who has learnt it from Sage Upamanyu teaches it to Yudishtra. A bhashya (explanation) for this was written by7 Sri Chathurthara Neela Kanda called “Bharatha bhava pradheepam”.

Based on this Sri.N.Subramanya Iyer (lovingly called “Anna (elder brother) by his admirers wrote a detailed interpretation in Tamil which was published initially by the Sarada Peetham, Sringeri. Later they gave the publishing rights to Ramakrishna Mutt of Madras. My feeble attempt, to give an English meaning to this Shiva Sahasranama is based on this great book. I have not attempted to give meaning with interpretation as done in the above book.

This book gives 1008 names of Lord Shiva. While 45 names are repeated twice, 11 are repeated thrice and three names are repeated four times .Readers may observe that different meanings are given to these repetitions.

Shiva Sahasranama – 1000 Holy names of Lord Shiva – Click here

I shall post these Videos of Shiva Sahasranama courtesy of devotees in Youtube.


The above singer is very clear and stresses each word very beautifully. Try to get Shiva Sahasranama books when you visit any temples or book shops.

I shall also post another video available online.

Shiv Sashtranaam (1000 Names of Lord Shiva) By Chand Kumar 

Hope you loved it friends. Please share your experiences with Lord Shiva Bhakti and also any good stories related to Shiva Purana , Shiva Sahasranama

USA – Buy Shiva Sahasranama in Amazon

In India, There are various publishers and Music producers releasing Audio of Shiva Sahasranama. Please get one in near by shops. This encourages the singers and musicians.

Aum Nama Shivaya



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Vishnu Sahasranama

Sairam friends,

Vishnu Sahasranama is the most divine and sacred of all Sahasranama. I am ignorant to write about the greatness of Vishnu Sahasranama except the fact that Shirdi Saibaba has always guided me to recite and listen to Vishnu Sahasranamam.

maha vishnu sahasranama

Maha Vishnu – Listen to Vishnu Sahasranama regularly and you can learn to recite it too

My Father used to write Sri Rama Jayam everyday in a note book for few pages and also listen to Vishnu Sahasranamam.

I wish to write detailed article about greatness of Vishnu Sahasranama . Please write to mail id in if you wish to share few experiences of this great mantra.

Vishnu Sahasranamam by MS Subbulakshmi 1000 names in praise of lord Vishnu

When I was really worried about few issues in my life, Sai and Lord Krishna blessed me with a sacred dream I wrote in below article

Sai, Am not the only one who’s suffering from heart ache – Vishnu Sahasranama can heal

Honestly, its true the Vishnu Sahasranama can heal you friends.

Keep chanting Ram, Ram, Ram or any holy names of Maha vishnu or simple listen to Vishnu Sahasranama everyday

your life will be good


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Ganesha Sahasranama

Sairam friends,

I wish to write about Ganesha Sahasranama as the first article in

Before you start any work, Its always auspicious to worship Lord Ganesha because he breaks all the obstacles ahead of you. People who face problems in relationship and Career/business can worship Lord Ganesha regularly to bless you with wisdom and show you good path.

ganesha shiva parvathi

Lord Ganesha with Shiva and Parvathi

Now a days, I have a habit of listening to Ganesha Sahasranama regularly every morning. Its very sacred and divine friends.

I shall post the lyrics and mp3 download link in a weeks time.

Ganesha Sahasranama -1000 Holy names of Lord Ganesha

Thanks to the respective Singer and Music producer – Courtesy of the devotee who uploaded on youtube.

Ganesha Sahasranama Stotram lyrics in Various languages

I have listed various links which provides you Ganesha Sahasranama stotram – Blessed site dedicated to Lord Ganesha. ( Hindi)

2. – Sacred website providing list of Various stotra on Lord Ganesha

3. Ganesha Sahasranamavali lyrics in Hindi – 1008 holy names of lord Ganesha pdf

Please contribute any knowledge you wish to share about Ganesha sahasranama and also translations in any language.

Other articles on Lord Ganesha from

Lord Ganesha with beautiful flowers Vinayakar

Thank You,


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